Auditions Dates 2023-2024

Monday, October 16, 2023 - 6PM

Grace Church

6 Elizabeth St., Utica NY

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 6 PM

Hamilton Collegem Clinton, NY

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - 6 M 

Grace Church

6 Elizabeth St., Utica NY

Requirements for Membership

Applicants must be in grades 7-12 and must be studying music or drama with a private or school teacher.  All applicants must meet specific auditions requirements for their category.

All applicants must complete an application form which may be downloaded from our website.  Send it with a check for $20 made payable to Jr. B Sharp to Allyson Sklar, 2048 Genesee St., Utica, NY 13502.  

Students may apply for membership in more than one category, or may add a category at any time during their membership, provided the qualifications are met.

Students who have participated in the 2022 Scholarship Competition  will automatically qualify for Jr. B Sharp membership.  Simply complete and return an application form indicating your Scholarship Award, category and year. 

Audition Requirements 

Applicants will audition before the senior Student Membership Committee. 

 Music applicants must provide their own accompanists and original copies of scores for the audition committee. 

 All musical selections must be of original literature for the instrument (no arrangements or transcriptions).  Program should not exceed 10 minutes. 

Memorization is required for voice, piano, and drama applicants and is strongly recommended for all other categories. 

 Specific audition requirements are as follows: 

Voice:  Applicant must have had at least one year of study, and must prepare two selections: 1) an art song or short aria from the Baroque or Classical period; and 2) a classical selection from Romantic or 20th/21st century vocal literature.  Selections must be in different languages.  Do not include music theatre, jazz, or "pop" styles.

Piano:  Applicant must play from memory two selections: 1) one from the Baroque or Classical period; and 2) one from the Romantic or 20th/21st centuries.  All pieces must be original piano literature.  No arrangements, simplifications, or concerti. 

Organ:  Applicant must prepare two selections: 1) one of J.S. Bach’s organ compositions; and 2) a work from the pre-Bach organ repertoire, or a work by a 19th , 20th or 21st  century composer.

 All Other Instruments:  Applicant must prepare two solo selections from different composers and musical periods, contrasting both in style and tempo, one of which may be unaccompanied.  Any work with composed accompaniment must be performed with accompaniment.  Selections must be from the repertoire of the instrument. 

Drama:  Applicant must perform two monologues from memory: 1) one classic (Shakespeare, Chekov, Ibsen, Shaw, Sophocles, etc.); and 2) one contemporary (Neil Simon, Tennessee Williams, Sam Shepard, etc.).  One should be a comic piece and one serious.  A simple hand prop may be used.  A chair will be available.  Avoid monologues containing profanity.  No costumes.

Complete this online  Application Form 

and bring a check to your audition in the amount of  $20, made out to the Jr B Sharp Club.