Junior B Sharp  was established in 1916 for talented music students in the Utica area to augment the musical offerings of the schools and private music teachers. Through regular monthly meetings, Jr B Sharp gives its members opportunities for solo and chamber music performance, contact with other outstanding area music students, as well as involvement in special feature programs and workshops presented by guest professionals. 

Monthly Meetings are held at various venues throughout the Utica area. They include a short business segment, followed by student performances, culminating with a guest speaker / performer presentation of musical interest. Student officers are elected by the membership.

Community Service Programs

Students participate in Community Outreach performances.

Annual Benefit Concert

Each year the students select a charitable organization and donate the proceeds from the benefit concert. Recent charities include:

          The Heifer Project

          Doctors Without Borders

          House of the Good Shepherd

          Feed out Vets

   Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

  The Rescue Mission

For questions about Jr. B Sharp, contact Sar-Shalom Strong at sstrong@hamilton.edu or 

Kathy Austin at ktaustin47@gmail.com 


              Music, her lilting sway

              inspires us to love, to fill our souls with

childlike wonder

and for those noble few who

spend their life in this pursuit,

they know the humble awe it is

to lie swaddled in its gossamer embraces

and to lie at its

broad, sun-warmed shore

lapped by its eternal waves

washed o'er with beauty

and what folly it is to think ourselves apart

and estranged,

for this immutable language is


forged of our deepest


of our highest graces,

and forever utterly candid,

impossibly beautiful

she allows to shine our truest heart.

Written and dedicated to Jr. B Sharp by James Ray 2005